BPO Services

Branding and
We offer a comprehensive model that allows for a multi-channel approach towards creating positive value for your brand and allow for better positioning in the market. Our years of experience helps you to strategize your brand growth and achieve marketing milestones.
Our digital and tele sales chapter has been our backbone from the start. We have landed over 100k customers for our valued clients, offering sustainable sales growth whilst upholding the highest standards of quality.
Customer Service
With the ISO 18295 certification, Nixxe Solutions becomes one of the very few organizations in the country that offers international standards of customer service and consumer experience.

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Chat Support
Our chat support services have allowed our clients to improve on client retention and improve their customer satisfaction ranking. We make sure that all escalations raised by customers are resolved within targeted time limits and customers of our clients get the necessary help and an urgent response.
Digital Marketing
It is not just about posting adverts on social platform and search engines, we prepare a complete strategy that improves your digital imprint and allows forever ascending brand position and reputation.
Back Office
Our Back Office support solutions take away all the hassle from your job and allows you to focus on your core competencies. We enable you to have the time and focus to do what you are best at and leave the rest to US.

Branding and Marketing

The marketing industry has evolved dynamically over the last decade. This evolution has provided businesses an opportunity to bring in creative and strategic abilities to get ahead of their competition. At the same time for businesses not having the right resources would find themselves lagging behind their competitors. Our experts provide the strategic and creative resource which has helped our clients to achieve and overwhelm their marketing targets. A comprehensive approach towards creating the right connection and finding a common vibe with customers would guarantee sustainable growth.

Our experts understand that every client is unique and we need to be dynamic and flexible in our approach every time. From the C’s of marketing to the P’s we prepare a comprehensive plan built around your specific targets paving your road to success.


Nixxe Solutions was built on our sales proficiencies in the initial years after inception. Our exceptional team has helped boost sales for numerous products and services in diverse markets globally. We have custom built CRM, Lead Generator and Voice Solutions enabling us to maximize sales for b2b and b2c concerns. Dedicated resources for projects allow for superior product knowledge and experience that turns prospects to leads and leads into sales.

The prime focus of our sales team is to gel with our client’s business and product, this enables us to bridge the gap between consumer expectations and supplier behavior. Over the years we have focused on improving the quality of our service and we have recently acquired the ISO- 18295 certification that signifies our commitment to excellence and quality.

Customer Service

The current global business environment is driven by consumer demand. It is easier to keep your existing customers than to get new people to try your product. Subscription based business and consumer solutions have increased the need for responsive customer service and any solution that lacks this aspect would eventually fall behind competition. Our team would prepare custom algorithms and work flows that revolve around the sole principle of consumer satisfaction. This approach allows for a superior customer experience and brand loyalty which can never be bought especially in the competitive world we live in.

ISO certification has improved our service delivery infrastructure with more detailed reporting and comprehensive analytics. If your company has a subscription model and brand loyalty is a concern, look no further because Nixxe Solutions is the answer.

Chat Support

 According to a study conducted by Guardian, millennials and post- millennials are more likely to type while conversing than talking. Businesses have answered this with AI based Chat Bots, and auto generated responses. Online chat support should be able to offer more help than what is offered currently. Nixxe Solutions approaches this module as an extension of customer service and we apply the same principles of product knowledge and assistance to deliver better consumer satisfaction. We offer 24/7 support and minimal resolution time for customer queries.
With the latest AI driven tools, we constantly improve the standard of service which results in improved customer experience. With Nixxe Solutions you can reimagine consumer support and we make it a reality.

Digital Marketing and SEO

Over the last two decades the digital space has become the primary battleground for all businesses. In order for any business to fully realize its potential one has to master the digital marketing and SEO component of the marketing strategy. The digital space that revolved around Facebook and Instagram adverts a while back is now about reels, podcasts and webinars. Keeping up with ever changing trends and applying the right media to the right audience is a tricky mix that most businesses miss and hence lag behind their competition.

The key to all digital marketing and SEO is unique and intriguing content that is transmitted with an effective media. Our teams take a deep dive into your business and with your collaboration creates mind altering content that is the transmitted with the use of effective channels to maximize reach to potential customers. In time, with proper strategy your business has an organic lead generating project that is growing every day.

Back-office Support

The strength of any business is their core competency, and lack of appropriate resource to provide support to the core would result in an inferior product/service. Partnering with Nixxe allows you to give your undivided attention to what you do best and leave all the hassle to us. With virtually unlimited talent at our disposal and years of professional experience we offer you the best support that enables you to improve your service. Our back-office staff is the most dynamic aspect of our business. We offer services such as

Virtual Assistant Accounting
Content/copy writing
IT services
Social Media Management